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We are among the first financial advisory firms in Europe and offer our services to over 100 ml of assets.

managed funds

Assets Under Advice (135 miliardi di euro)

Assets Monitoring (100 miliardi di euro)

Selezione di Gestori (19miliardi nel 2018-2020) di cui Private Markets 15 miliardi e Alternativi 4 miliardi

We are specialize in Asset Liability Management (ALM), Strategic and Tactical Risk and Asset Allocation (RAS, AAS, AAT), financial risk measurement and analysis (risk management), performance assessment and portfolio design, Implemented Consultancy/Fiduciary Management.

Our Clients

41 Numero di clienti istituzionali in Italia
4 Numero di Clienti Istituzionali non italiani
14 Fondazioni e Casse di Previdenza (Italiani)
17 Fondi Pensione Negoziali e Preesistenti
5 Casse e Fondi Sanitari
5 Enti No Profit, Assicurazioni, fondazioni Bancarie e Corporate

Investment Consultant

We are leaders in Risk Management, nominated among the best 6 Best Investment Consultants around the world by the jury of the European Pensions Magazine and Global Pension Magazine Awards made up of the major asset managers, pension funds, and consultants of the global financial market. For ten years, our European clients have been awarded by the jury of the IPE Awards for the investment methodologies we have implemented.