Our approach stems from our experience and vision.
Our philosophy is founded on three characteristics:

MangustaRisk does not invest and is not an investee company of banks or direct or indirect “issuers and financial intermediaries”. MangustaRisk does not offer services aimed at selling, promoting or advertising financial products. MangustaRisk and its team of professionals do not offer or promote purchasing of financial products or investment funds.  

  1. Company independence: MangustaRisk is wholly-owned (100%) by 3 partners, natural persons, who work exclusively and full-time for the company: Davide Cipparrone, Andrea Canavesio and Lara Pederzolli. MangustaRisk does not invest and is not an investee company of banks or direct or indirect “issuers and financial intermediaries” or on behalf or via third parties. The partners of MangustaRisk do not hold participations or have roles in: SGR, Banks, Stock brokerage companies, etc… 
  2. Economic independence: 100% of MangustaRisk’s turnover comes from Institutional investors holders of financial assets, such as: Pension Funds, Pension Plans, Foundations, Non-profit entities. The company does not provide consultancy, analysis, publishing or other services to banks, insurance companies or financial intermediaries.
  3. Model independence: The company does not manage funds, neither directly nor in the form of funds of so-called Multimanagers, it does not place financial products and does not act as intermediary for financial operations. 

In financial consulting, focusing on risk management, investment advisory, sustainability and reporting models, aimed exclusively to “Asset Owners”, institutional and professional investors.

MangustaRisk is specialized in activities and services of: asset liability management (ALM), asset administration and asset allocation (AAS e AAT), risk measurement, assessment and management, evaluation and selection of traditional and alternative managers/funds, investment performance analysis, reporting, model and training.

Risk management and Investment advisory are complex activities that must be based on adequate technological platforms; data acquisition and management, portfolio pricing, measurement and simulation, assessment, reporting and optimization are all critical activities for computing power, data control, protection and integrity models and systems. Investors must be able to benefit from a strong, flexible and safe analysis and assessment environment. Data management, data mining, big data and cyber security are the basic tools used by MangustaRisk. Developed in 2007, they are the basis of our approach and are currently integrated and available to our clients and our analysts operating in the MangustaWorld-owned system.

Our Code of Ethics 

The professional code of ethics of MangustaRisk is founded on the fundamental values of the Conduct Authority and the CFA Institute and are crucial to our mission: guiding clients in financial management offering them consulting and training services at the highest professional, independence and ethical standards, all the while protecting the integrity of financial markets.

Defending said ethical standards is of vital importance to us so that consultants and investors can trust financial markets and the professionals who work in them.

All partners and employees of MangustaRisk must respect the Code of Ethics and Standards. Failure to do so may entail sanctions which can include temporary or permanent suspension.

MangustaRisk partners and employees must: 

The investment process  

MangustaRisk sets itself apart for its modus operandi which manages to create substantial and formal added value in every phase of the investment portfolio management.  

Specialized in the 4 pillar sectors of this activity, we guarantee a reliable, safe and transparent service to our clients. 

Let me

do it

  • MangustaWorld 
  • Account aggregation 
  • Risk measurement 
  • Reporting 
  • Scoring ESG 
  • Impact assessment

Help me

do it

  • Risk measurement
  • Risk analysis e assesment
  • Risk management
  • ALM, strategic asset allocation
  • Risk budget
  • Portfolio design
  • Performance measurement e analysis
  • Manager & UCITS selection
  • FIA selection
  • Program Investing
  • tactical allocation
  • Reporting
  • Engagement policy
  • Scoring e rating ESG
  • Impact investing
  • Sustainable business model

Do it

for me

  • Delegated 
  • Outsourcing risk management 
  • Outsourcing CIO (OCIO) 
  • Implementation & RTO 
  • Co-investment & secondary market transaction 
  • Activism e stewardship 
  • Reporting