Risk Management

The management of financial, strategic, operational, ESG and sustainability risks is a fundamental activity for institutional investors. The importance of risk management is increasingly acknowledged and shared in complex sectors, markets and scenarios. MangustaRisk offers an approach which is independent, specialized and tailored to the needs to each investor.

The risk management services offered by MangustaRisk combine: specialized computing and analytical models based on risk types and investment tools; integrated, modular and scalable multi-asset and multi-risk computing and analytical systems organized in specific reference frameworks based on the specific needs of investors and risk profiles (eg. financial, operational, ESG, sustainability).

MangustaRisk supports investors in:

  • Process evolution, governance and management strategies for financial, actuarial, ESG and strategic risks
  • Risk Measurement
  • Risk Analysis and Assessment
  • Risk Management
  • Outsourcing Risk Management Function
  • ALM, cash-flows projections
  • Strategic Allocations
  • Risk budget and risk budgeting
  • Performance measurement and analysis
  • Performance attribution and contribution
  • ESG Scoring and Rating
  • Reporting
  • Impact Investing

Investment Advisory

Correct portfolio management is every investor’s mission and achieving financial risk and performance targets is a central element, in addition to strategic and tactical allocations, composition and implementation of the portfolio.

Services offered by MangustaRisk include:

  • Strategic Asset Allocation and Strategic Risk Allocation in order to achieve investment targets set for financial management by optimizing the investment scope, capital allocation and risk diversification, based on medium- and long-term market conditions and by maximizing the achievement of targets set.
  • Portfolio Design for an optimally-structured portfolio based on short- and medium-term market conditions and investment opportunities with portfolio exposure, selection and composition options, to maximize medium-term profitability and benefit from short-term opportunities, in line with the risk profile (risk budget) and thresholds set.
  • Investment Assessment and Selection: securities, UCITS funds, FIA and managers to diversify portfolio to benefit from market opportunities and enhance the best competences and investment specializations to maximize portfolio profitability and mitigate risks.
  • Tactical portfolio management to support portfolio allocation, composition and exposure (es. head-on) choices to benefit from short-term opportunities and manage portfolio risk within the set limits.

MangustaRisk supports investors in:

  • ALM, cash-flows projections
  • Strategic Allocations (AAS & RAS)
  • Tactical Allocations and Rebalancing
  • Risk Budget Management
  • LDI (Liabilities Driven Investment) & CDI (Cash Flow Driven Investment) Management
  • Portfolio Design
  • Portfolio Hedging & Risk Mitigation
  • Market outlook & Scenario Analysis
  • Performance Measurement and Analysis
  • Performance Attribution and Contribution
  • Manager Selection
  • FIA & UCITS Selection
  • Program Investing
  • Mission-Related Investment
  • Reporting
  • Engagement
  • Impact Investing
  • Sustainability Model

Sustainability and ESG

ESG/SRI investment is the beginning of the evolution from investment process to a sustainability model for institutional investors. ESG assessment (scoring/rating) ex-post portfolio investments is the first step, followed by ESG factor integration in the selection of investments and, ultimately, define sustainability targets for investment activities to be carried out with suitable commitment policies and impactful investments.

Sustainability means that investor activities must strive to satisfy the needs of current generations without compromising quality of life as well as the opportunities of future generations. Sustainability entails, in a synergic and systematic manner, sustainability in terms of: economy, environment and society, which together make up and define wellbeing and progress.

The Sustainability Model adopted by MangustaRisk strives for efficient and fair long-term value creation to the benefit of all current and future “stakeholders”, all the while bearing in mind: external variables (positive and negative), of and on capital, the ongoing transformation of members and their needs, in response to societal, environmental and economic changes.

Sustainability must be strategic and integrated, intra-generational and inter-generational.

MangustaRisk supports investors in:

  • ESG Scoring and rating (ex-post)
  • ESG integration (ex-ante)
  • ESG Risk measurement, analysis and assessment;
  • Process, governance and ESG factor and risk management strategy evolution
  • Impact Investing
  • ESG Benchmarking
  • ESG Performance measurement and analysis
  • ESG Performance attribution and contribution
  • ESG & SRI Reporting
  • Sustainability Model and Plan
  • Sostenibilità Scenarios
  • Impact Strategy and Portfolio Mission (Impact Investing)


MangustaRisk nasce a Londra nel 2000, lavorando con i fondi pensioni inglesi. In pochi anni cresce fuori dai confini britannici operando con investitori istituzionali in Italia, Europa, Sud-Africa e Cina; aprendo gli uffici di Roma, New York e Johannesburg. 

Dal 2007 è autorizzata e vigilata dalla Financial Conduct Autority – autorizzazione num.477096 – a svolgere le attività di “investment advisor and arranger”; ottiene nel 2008 il passaporto europeo che le dà la possibilità di operare in 27 paesi della Comunità Europea. Dal 2020 MangustaRisk opera in Italia mediante la succursale italiana vigilata dalla Banca d’Italia e regolata dalla CONSOB all’albo “IMPRESE DI PAESI TERZI AUTORIZZATE IN ITALIA CON SUCCURSALE” con autorizzazione n° 1.

MangustaRisk ha aderito ai Principi per gli Investimenti Sostenibili delle nazioni Unite (UNPRI) ed è conforme alle previsioni del Regolamento (UE) 2019/2088.

Special Projects

Investors have highly specific needs that require a technical, expert and tailored approach in order to develop ad hoc solutions. Over the past 22 years, MangustaRisk has fine-tuned its know-how to be able to guide investors in their projects and acquired a flexible structure with the highest level of competences and resources to be able to implement these projects.

MangustaRisk supports investors in:

  • Investment Vehicle Set-up and implementation (SICAV, SICAF and FCP);
  • Depositary Bank Selection;
  • Account Aggregation & Data Management;
  • Migration & Transition Management;
  • Implementation & Delegated Management;
  • Portfolio Hedging & Risk Mitigation
  • Co-investment & Secondary market transactions;
  • Pricing, negotiation, restructuring & crisis management
  • Outsourcing Chief Investment Officier (OCIO);
  • Process, governance and ESG factor and risk management strategy evolution;
  • Program Investing;
  • Mission Related Investment;
  • Engagement & Stewardship;
  • Impact Strategy and Portfolio Mission (Impact Investing);
  • Sustainability Model and Plan;
  • ESG Benchmarking;
  • ESG & SRI Reporting;

The investment process  

MangustaRisk sets itself apart for its modus operandi which manages to create substantial and formal added value in every phase of the investment portfolio management.  

Specialized in the 4 pillar sectors of this activity, we guarantee a reliable, safe and transparent service to our clients. 

Let me

do it

  • MangustaWorld 
  • Account aggregation 
  • Risk measurement 
  • Reporting 
  • Scoring ESG 
  • Impact assessment

Help me

do it

  • Risk measurement
  • Risk analysis e assesment
  • Risk management
  • ALM, strategic asset allocation
  • Risk budget
  • Portfolio design
  • Performance measurement e analysis
  • Manager & UCITS selection
  • FIA selection
  • Program Investing
  • tactical allocation
  • Reporting
  • Engagement policy
  • Scoring e rating ESG
  • Impact investing
  • Sustainable business model

Do it

for me

  • Delegated 
  • Outsourcing risk management 
  • Outsourcing CIO (OCIO) 
  • Implementation & RTO 
  • Co-investment & secondary market transaction 
  • Activism e stewardship 
  • Reporting